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The Hard Beginning Has Beautiful End

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The Hard Beginning Has a Beautiful End

The world is full of great people. Every person in this universe has a beautiful story. The stories tell of the ups and downs of their lives. Many of them find success in their early struggles. Many work very hard for a successful life. The hard beginning always has a beautiful end, and I experience it. It was a rainy day. I leave my office early to catch the bus to catch another city. At midnight, I reached my destination. From there, I have to reach my hotel, but due to heavy rain, I am unable to find a cab. The rain was pouring like a shower. The thunderstorm makes the night so horrible. I was eagerly waiting for a cab near the waiting room.

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After some time, a black dazzling car comes near me. The windows went down, and an elderly man appeared. He asked me where I had to go. I told him the hotel’s name, and he replied that I think we are going to the same place. With mixed feelings and unrealistic thoughts, I sit in his car. He starts driving. We were moving slowly due to the rain. I was so tired and started complaining about everything during our chat. He told me that there were hurdles in everything. Don’t lose hope and keep moving forward. He then begins to start talking about his life story.

He said that it was a beautiful day in mid-November when he came to this world. It was almost 50 years ago. I was born into a poor family with no source of permanent income. My father labored for a construction company, and my mother was in charge of the house. I was the little one, having huge responsibilities on my shoulders. We were a family of six people at that time, including three sistas. Belong to a backward and poor family, I have no dreams until I reached college life. That was a new world to me. I came out from my village life for the first time. I completed my intermediate with so many financial difficulties and strange types of abusive languages.

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Due to financial problems, it was very hard for me to continue my studies. So I left my house to get a job, but my bad luck, I didn’t get any. After searching for a job all around and not finding a single one, I started working with my father as a laborer. I tried hard there and did the work in both shifts to support my family. My two sisters got married in the first year of my career as a laborer, for which my father worked for so many years. It was the beginning of my struggle. I smiled and told them the beginning of my troubles. He smiled also and continued. It was almost three years gone as a worker of that company.

One day, my mother got ill due to heart problems. We took her to the doctor, and the doctor advised us to take her to a prestigious hospital in the country. I was twenty at that time. It was the hardest time of my life and a turning point in my life too. I, with my father, got loans for the treatment of my mother from people, and my sister and I came out of that village. I lived there for twenty years and I saw the nearby cities for almost five years, but in a big city, it was the first time. There I met a guy who changed my way of thinking. My mother became healthy again and we came home.

After a week, I told my father that I am going to go in search of a job in that big city and left this work. He permits me and the next day I left my village. When I reached up there, I went straight to that guy. He told me to stay up there that night and tomorrow we will go to the work area where I have to start work. I told him what a job. He replied yes, I have done all arrangements before that when you come. That night was the happiest one because without any struggle I got something. In the morning I was at the first step of my success.

The guy with whom I was staying was the owner of that company. He sends me to the accounts branch. He told his accountant to train me and told him that he would be the next entrepreneur of a multinational organization. We smiled at this statement, but he completely analyzed my abilities, and I am unaware of what I have. He polished me like a lapidarist. It was the beginning of a new life. My family was also so happy, but we are still poor, with huge loans. After two years of continuous struggle, I bought a car in installment and also started my studies again. In the morning, I went to the company for a job. In the afternoon, I leave the job and start driving a taxi till midnight. After that, I study for two hours. I completed my graduation and postgraduate in the field of commerce.

Almost seven years had passed since I left my village and I was completely changed from who I was. I have paid off all my loans, become the owner of my own car, and my only sister has also married and completed all her studies. I was also promoted to the company accountant. At the beginning of my thirties, I bought a small house with two rooms. When I was nearly 35 years old, our company became bankrupt.

The owner of the company has died. His kids sold out all his properties and left the country, and I also bought some of their properties with the sum. I then bought two buses and two more cars in installments. I got married, and my family also completely shifted to my new house and started the property and transportation businesses with huge losses and became stable after 6 years of hardships and experience.

Eight years ago, I had only two shops, three houses, one bus, and three taxis. After four years of work in both fields, I got six times more than that and also started a chain of hotels, with an import-export company and factories for garments. Today, I have everything: four beautiful kids, and a family with happiness and smiles, and that is what I never imagined. It was not just a continuous struggle, but the prayers of my parents and the help of those who made me so much better. The hard times come, but they have to be left. It’s a life, don’t lose hope. Today you are on a night and tomorrow you will see a new dawn. The storms have to come, but you have to stand firm, relaxed, with a smile on your face in every condition and situation.

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I was quiet, stunned, and fully energetic. We were in the lobby of the hotel. It was one of the finest and cheapest hotels in that city. He told me that he was the owner of this hotel too. The manager of the hotel greeted us and called the room service to take my luggage to my room. We had dinner and left for our rooms. In the end, he told me to never lose hope. If you lose hope, if you lose, you will never reach the destination of your goals. Divide your goals into small goals and make checkpoints to reach your main aim. It was one of the best times when I learned so many things. I was assured from that day that the hard beginning had a beautiful end.


The above story was written at the beginning of my blogging career and is reposted here with some minor changes.

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