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Liver Stiffness: Causes And Symptoms

Liver Stiffness: Causes and Symptoms

In medical terms, the stiffness or shrinkage of the liver is called cirrhosis of the liver. This disease develops very slowly but by the time it is diagnosed, the disease has reached its final stage. Patients are relieved after treatment for complications caused by cirrhosis of the liver.


  1. If there is any obstruction in the biles duct then the bile accumulates in the liver. If this condition continues for a long time then liver becomes stiff.
  2. Sometimes hepatitis B and C viral infections can cause stiffness in the liver. It is not necessary that the infection and hepatitis triggered at the same time. Sometimes it occurs in several months and years.
  3. According to doctors’ research, it has also been proven that certain types of antibodies are present in the blood, which can cause stiffness in the liver.
  4. The alcohol is a liver toxin. Its toxic effects most commonly affect the liver.
  5. There are many medicines that can cause liver cirrhosis with frequent use.
  6. Continues use of junk food is also one of the cause of liver stiffness . Which increases the amount of fat in the liver. Which can cause inflammation in the liver. Persistent liver inflammation may damage the liver.
  7. Some chronic heart diseases that have persisted for years can cause liver problems.
  8. Copper accumulates in the brain and liver in Wilson’s Disease, which can cause liver stiffness.
  9. Hemochromatosis is an illness in which iron accumulate in the liver. This disease is also the cause of liver stiffness.


There are two types of symptoms of liver stiffness that are as follows:

1. General Symptoms

  1. The weight becomes very low.
  2. The patient becomes slow and restless.
  3. There is often a fever.
  4. There is pain in the liver.
  5. Patient tired of doing a little work.
  6. The liver first becomes larger in size and then shrinks slowly.
  7. The patient’s spleen also increases.

2. Special Symptoms

  1. The patient’s digestion becomes very bad.
  2. Often remains constipation
  3. Sometimes there is too much gas.
  4. Accumulation of water in the stomach.
  5. Having high blood pressure in the liver veins.
  6. Thickening of esophageal vessels.
  7. Vomiting blood.
  8. Blue veins appear on the stomach due to filling water in the stomach.
  9. The skin becomes dry.
  10. Body color turns yellowish.
  11. Lack of masculine abilities in men.
  12. Menstrual cycle closure in women.
  13. Bloody hemorrhoids and jaundice symptoms are also found in most patients.


Liver stiffness patients should follow the instructions below.

  1.  Complete rest and reduce salt use.
  2. Completely abandon the use of chili spices, poultry diet and meat.
  3. Avoid all intoxicating substances.
  4. Eat vegetables, other foods, fresh fruits and their juices.
  5. Stay in open & ventilated room.
  6. Stay away from tension & depression.
  7. Avoid using eggs and fish.
  8. Always use a standard screened blood transfusion if ever needed transfusions.
  9. Avoid taking medicines that have adverse effects on the liver without the doctor’s advice.
  10.  Always use clean and sterile water.
  11. Always get in touch with your doctor, and follow the doctor’s instructions.
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