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What’s In A Name

I thought about this post “what’s in a name” for several months and days and I do not know what I should write about. As a beginner in writing, I put my first post on the stack. Why have I given this post the headline as my first post? because it’s the first story I wrote all by myself. This creation is part of real life, but it is not.

It was the time when I was a student and had high skills. One day after school closed, I went with my father to his friend’s office. I have to wait there for several hours because of my father’s work. So, I take out my assignment and start writing an essay up there.

Several other people were working at the office. After an hour, a man came into that office and sit near me. He was looking at what I was writing. After some time he appreciated me and ask me to write to him such essays. I said I would ask my father and get back to him. When my dad got back to the office. I told my dad all about it.

What’s in a name… Everything is a name

My father appreciated his interest in my work and told him that my son is in those days of his life when he is focusing only on his studies. When those days come, when he works, he will contact you. If you like his skills, he will work for you.

After completing my studies for several years, I started working as a writer, but all those people for whom I wrote told me to sell them the article and they would publish it on their publishing channels with their name. The guy whom I met earlier in school also has the same thoughts. I was very disappointed and heavy-hearted in this situation.

woman sitting in front of MacBook, Name
Sometimes stress changes people completely…

In a stressful situation, I was sitting in an unknown place alone and thinking about all this, which had happened to me until that day. I was murmuring to myself that I want to give my name to what I have created, besides this that I have made it for them, but this is my creation and it’s all mine. The people whom I met sometimes say to me “what’s in a name,” but they know the name is important too as work. I know nothing would happen if I sold them my creations.

My earnings will be higher than that, and if they present my creation with my name. The sudden thought which comes faster than the speed of light that I am a seed in this garden. I will grow and stand firm in all situations to become a grown plant. Then people will recognize me.

When my work and I both get recognition, then the name doesn’t matter because mango trees always give mango. If someone calls a mango a strawberry, it will not change. It will be a mango. After some time, I got up and started walking in sadness. My thoughts were revolving around this one sentence, which William Shakespeare, in his love story Romeo and Juliet, says, “What’s in a name?”

I had very few options before, but now I have a world of options. I was a simple boy, limited to things to think about. Now, I am out of all bounds and exploring everything from different perspectives. With time, I have progressed positively and have come so far, far from those who want to fall me into the deep and shallow darkness of anonymity.

My work is mine, and I don’t want to give ownership to anyone. That’s what Shakespeare has done. That is the thing that every hero has done, and that’s what every great leader and scientist has done. They give a name to every single bit of their work, their name. If nothing happens, all the great people and their work will be unknown today.

Name is everything. That’s why people prefer to call by their names except for others’ names. Their work and contribution are and will remember through their names. To all those people who make me sad, I want to tell them all this, but due to respect, I can’t. That day changed my whole life. The way of thinking, feeling, and exploring the world. How to treat every person out there.

Today, people who are with me and my students don’t know the hurdles I have to face. How I fought with evil in the darkness and got a single ray of light. By digging into that area from where I got the ray of light, I came out into a world full of happiness. The one thing which I never forget and give that opportunity to all of my colleagues, fellow members, and students is that I give their names to every piece of work and creation they make.

There is an anonymous world. Some have been living with anonymity in that world throughout their entire life, and some have come out with hardships and struggles. To succeed, be progressive and learn from your mistakes and failures. Be a researcher and get experience. Thank you for reading the whole article. We will appreciate your suggestions and comments about how much you like this post.

Update to the post:
This was first published by the name of my first post. We revived this article and give the name as what’s in a name. We have done some minor changes also for SEO.

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