A Thousand-mile Journey Begins With One Small Step

One day a friend turns to me for advice, he enthusiastically tells me that he has a great idea for a table game and wants to know how to move forward. I was really jealous of him!

It’s an exciting moment full of apprehension on the one hand and a real passion for doing it on the other. 

I said to him, you’re great about it… Start by putting things on paper, sit down, imagine and just write down how you see the game, from such a synopsis, take the time without pressure, then we take it from there.

Sounded completely round, he told me and left. After something like a month, I met him again by chance. Well? I asked, how is the game progressing?

Look… He tells me… It’s not easy… I didn’t have time, I think it would cost a lot of money to develop and I don’t know how! I won’t talk to you later in the conversation, but you already understand the direction.
Sound familiar?

One of the best tips related to doing, I heard in a lecture by Bob Proctor – “We will never have the ‘right time to do’ – should be started now, where we are, with the tools at our disposal, and better tools will be revealed over time.”

What Bob was actually asking to say was – don’t wait until… Or after… Or if then… – just start doing!

Here are 5 practical steps that help me whenever I want to create something new:

Make A Decision

Decide what you want to create and what you’re willing to “sacrifice” to do it. Don’t let other people, opinions, or circumstances influence your decision. Making the decision of what you want is very important for setting your goal.

Make a decision instead of asking for advice or approval on whether to do it or not. The decisions we make help us grow and fulfill our desires and aspirations.

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Photo by Anna Tarazevich on Pexels.com

Set A Goal

A worthy goal is something that you will work to achieve with a burning passion and that you have never done before. Such a goal will help you grow by making you create something out of yourself. But, there’s also a catch here – you need to get out of your comfort zone and push your limits.

If you already know how to reach your goal, it won’t make you grow – challenge yourself, and don’t be afraid to take risks. Your goal should be crystal clear, easily measurable, value-giving, one that you can imagine and that inspires you.

Build An Action Plan

What is needed to get the desired result? Your knowledge, abilities, and readiness, the impression of similar actions of others, examination of the market, complexity, and scope of activity, time, and budget.

Divide your work into stages, goals, deadlines, conditions, and resources. Think about the desired outcome of each step and adjust the plan as needed until you reach the goal you set.

Believe In Yourself

No one knows his true self except him. Sometimes it also happens that you don’t really know yourself. It could be because you never knew yourself in the first place. Self-confidence revolves around Knowledge.

The better you know and understand yourself, the more your self-confidence increases. Open your strengths until you reach the point where you say to yourself from a place of knowing – I’m good, I know I’m good and I know why I’m good!

Simple To Do!

A thousand-mile journey begins with one small step. Rest assured that you are starting your journey. Many times we are already eager to reach the finish line even before we have started – do you know this?

Friends, this is not a race! Be tolerant, take small steps, one at a time. Remind yourself every day of what goal you have set and what value it brings. Enjoy the way you do and appreciate your progress.

Let go of all the ‘mourners’ and ‘ifs’ and don’t forget to think positively about what you need to do to constantly move towards your goal.

And what decision to create did you make recently? Share in the comments.

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