How to Create Stunning Images for Your Ebook

An ebook is not just a collection of words. If you created a great product, then your ebook should also be adorned with stunning images inside and should have an eye-grabbing cover as well. This is what will make your book stand out in images. It will also help to ensure your buyers feel satisfied. They feel that they have spent their money well and have received something well-made and worthwhile.

The question, though, is how you go about creating these images. Especially if you’re not naturally gifted in the graphic design department. Read on and let’s find out.

Taking Photos for eBook

One option is to create images by taking your own photos. This option is viable, but you will need a high-quality camera—not necessarily a DSLR but at least something with a high megapixel count and a few extra settings (like a bridge camera).

eBook man holding a camera to take stunning photos
Photo by Ana Beatriz Otaviano on Pexels.com

From there, it’s all about how you compose your shot. Think about lighting—try to make the image as bright as possible so that it looks clear and jumps off the page. Think about things like depth, foreground, background, and framing. Don’t just point and shoot—take time to ensure you have lighting that casts good shadows and that you have interesting elements throughout the image. Try to tell a story at the same time—don’t just take flat photos of your subject but try to show them in action or in a way that leaves some questions.

Creating Images

The other option is to create images yourself. There are many ways you can do this. Whether you opt to sketch something in pencil (this works well as long as you’re good at drawing) or choose to use the software. If you’re going to use software to create your images. The best option is probably to draw your outlines in Adobe Illustrator (which allows you to zoom in without losing resolution) and then use PhotoShop to edit the colors and add effects. Be strict with yourself (don’t accept sub-par work) and make sure that you use a consistent style throughout.


Finally, if you struggle to make something that looks highly professional. Your final option is to outsource the process and let someone else create your images. This is often the best call, as it will result in something that looks much more professional. Of course, you can also use sites that provide stock images.

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