Oops I Did It Again: Top 5 Mistakes in a Bodybuilding Diet

There’s just no easy way to go about it. The bodybuilding diet is a part of every bodybuilder’s regimen. Being a pro or an amateur doesn’t even matter, as bodybuilding nutrition is so important that it can make or break a training regimen.

And because a bodybuilding diet is important, this is precisely the reason why mistakes are made. Mistakes are a part of almost any endeavor, and they range from being funny to being annoying to dangerous. Below is a list of the five biggest mistakes a bodybuilding dieter can make.

Our purpose in sharing this is not to scare or worse, make fun of you and your woes in the bodybuilding world. The ultimate goal is to show you the best way to correct these mistakes and, hence, maximize the potential for success in your bodybuilding diet.


Every bodybuilding dieter has a flaw, but the worst is impatience. There is no instant formula for a successful bodybuilding diet. It takes time for a bodybuilding diet program to work, and a lot of bodybuilders make the mistake of jumping from one diet to another simply because they are too impatient to stay with one program for longer than a week. You must remember that at least three weeks is what it takes for your body to get used to the change in your bodybuilding diet. For example, if you are adopting a low-fat, high-carb bodybuilding diet, expect to start losing your fat in approximately 21 days.

Not tracking your calorie intake

Because a lot of bodybuilding dieters don’t keep records of what they eat, the number of carbohydrates and proteins they take, or the overall fat and calorie intake they make, many of them don’t lose fat at the expected rate. Any miscalculation in your calorie intake is a risk not worth taking. So keep tabs on your food consumption. This is what every bodybuilding dieter should always keep in mind to ensure success in their bodybuilding diet endeavor.

Irregular eating

Haphazard and sporadic eating is something every bodybuilding dieter should avoid. Whether you are adopting a three-meals-a-day bodybuilding diet plan or doing it five times a day, staying consistent is the answer to losing fat and leaning up against your body mass.

Bodybuilding Diet a shirtless man having a meal
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Too much dependence on scales

Remember that bodybuilding is primarily a visual sport. So even if the scale or body fat calipers don’t give you the gauge you’re expecting, your fat loss bodybuilding diet is still probably working, especially if your photos or an unbiased observer tells you that you look leaner and fuller.

Supplements work like magic

In a proper bodybuilding diet, this is called wishful thinking. No supplements, no matter how good their product reviews are, can make you shed fats in say, a day. Remember that supplements can only do so much in a bodybuilding diet. The rest is attributed to the person’s commitment to the program and nutritional common sense.

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