Evening Walk On Beautiful Beach Of Karachi

Are you tired of the daily hustle and bustle? Want to add something new to your monotonous routine? Want to surprise your kids or family with a fantastic outing? There’s just one answer to these questions: A trip to the beach! However, when it comes to spending a day with family or friends at the beach, a random beach just won’t do. So, we’ve handpicked some of the best beaches in Karachi to help you select the one that best fits your needs.


Stick with us to discover the best beaches in Karachi.


Clifton Beach Karachi
One of the Most Visited Sea Side Points

As Karachiites, we have all been to Clifton aka Seaview more times than we can count. And we loved it every time. Seaview was listed among the world’s most-liked silver-sand beaches until an oil spill incident in 2003 snatched the honor away. So, taking a swim is not recommended. However, it’s still a more-than-decent place worth visiting. The love people have for Seaview is evident from the fact that you’ll never see the beach empty. Another reason the beach is always crowded is that it offers one of the most stunning sunsets you can find in Karachi.


The Tides are Quite High During June & July, so Enter the Water Carefully

A stunning sandy shoreline, stone blue water, and rare green marine turtles. Need we say more? And if you thought that, was it, you can also enjoy snorkeling and scuba diving and get your hands on a big catch just a few feet from the shore. You can easily spend the entire day here and savor the sight and the sound of the waves hitting the shore, leaving behind shells and pebbles on the sand.

Known as the Jewel of the Arabian Sea, and named after a Governor from the Victorian time “Bladen Wilmer Hawke,” Hawke’s Bay is also one of the most visited picnic points in Karachi. Wondering how to get there? It is accessible through Hawkes Bay Road (Mauripur Road).


Charna Island
Some of the Rarest Underwater Species are Found in the Waters near Charna Island

Want to go scuba diving in Karachi? Now you can! Charna Island, located 7 kilometers away from Karachi, is a small island covering around 1.5 square kilometers. The island is famous for cliff diving, snorkeling, scuba diving, and jet skiing. The underwater world near the island offers scenic marine life to explore. So, if you are an adventure junkie, Charna Island is perfect for you to get your next adrenaline rush. February and March are the ideal months to visit the island as the water is not too cold and at low tide. Steps are also being taken to preserve the island and its natural habitat, including the depleting mangrove forests that are home to many unique species.


Not interested in visiting mainstream beaches and looking for a more secluded beach? Fear no more, as this beach is ideal for you. Cape Monze, also known as Cape Mount, is located near Mubarak village and was recently voted the best for its awe-inspiring shoreline. Trust us; you’re going to want to go the extra mile for a picnic at this beach. While there are only a few cottages available for a longer stay, there are plenty of activities to keep you occupied. The hills surrounding Cape Monze offer a great view of the horizon when you climb up to the top.


French Beach
Don’t Forget to Bring Your Fishing Kit

Located between Hawke’s Bay and Paradise Point, French Beach is famous for its crystal-clear waters, which are ideal for swimming. French Beach also offers countless other amusements such as scuba diving, surfing, cruising, and kayaking. The visitors just need to bring a few essentials for themselves. Huts are also available on demand. Prices of these can vary from owner to owner though.


Manora beach
Horse Riding on Manora Beach

Being one of the top picnic points in Karachi, Manora isn’t your typical go-to beach. It’s a group of islands on the country’s coastline with a small seaside village, as well as a 19th-century Hindu Temple. The core attraction of this place is the Manora Lighthouse which was erected in the British era. We wouldn’t suggest swimming in this water though, due to strong tides and pollution. Photography is banned due to security concerns. Many food stalls around the beach sell fresh fish and you can reach the island by road or via a ferry trip after planning a trip to Manora.


Gadani Beach
You can also visit the Site of The World’s Third-Largest Ship-Breaking Yard

Giddani is a delightful site for beachgoers. Known for its unparalleled natural beauty and golden sands, this famous and highly recommended seaside point is always ready to welcome you with a cold sea breeze. It is located in the southern part of Baluchistan along the Arabian Sea. Huts are available on demand. Gadani Beach also hosts the Gadani ship-breaking yard, which is one of the world’s largest ship-breaking yards.


We have saved the best for last. Ever heard of a glow-in-the-dark beach? They are found in Jamaica, Golfo Dulce, Costa Rica, Gippsland Lakes, and Australia. But what if we told you, we have one near Karachi as well?  Sounds unbelievable, right?

Bhit Khori Beach turns blue at night! Yes, it’s Pakistan’s first truly luminescent beach, which means its waves glow in the dark. Located about 60 kilometers outside the metropolitan city, Bhit Khori is roughly 15 minutes away from Mubarak Village. This seaside point has the most stunning blue waters and a clean sandy beach, but with the surrounding hills, and startling views, it is also the perfect site for campers.

The only drawback this place has is that there are no huts, shops, or any other facilities available nearby. So, make sure you bring food and other essentials for your trip.

Now that you know about the best beaches in Karachi, plan a trip to one of them with your friends and family and create lifelong memories. We bet you won’t regret it!

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