Amazon Product Hunting for PL in 2021

Are you struggling to hunt for a product for PL?

I saw many product hunters who were struggling to produce hunting for Amazon, even senior BC students. The reason is that they are not following the proper steps, so they miss some steps, cannot find a good product, and waste precious time.

I am a VBC student working for hands-on experience with Boot camp students, doing product hunting for the last 2 months for CA and UK markets. During this period, I hunt many products out of which 3 products are in the sourcing check stage and 1 product in the final review stage.

Initially, I used many methods for product ideas: black box, sourcing websites, affiliate websites, promotional websites, and many others. But I like to hunt for a product from the Brand Analysis sheet. Because mostly all these products are the hottest selling products, high search volume and it saves a lot of time.


  1. There are thousands of KWs in the BA sheet. Do not start getting product ideas from the start of the sheet, start from the middle of the sheet because at the start there are more competitive products.
  2. Suppose you get an idea of the product before running tools for further analysis thinks in your mind about the variation, material, size, weight, seasonality, and category. If it meets your criteria then go to the next step.
  3. Search the selected KW in the amazon of your relevant market. see the relevancy and uniformity of the product first. If it shows 50% to 60% relevancy it means that it’s not the main KW but the product is fine, search the main KW first. You will get the main keyword from the titles of the products quickly.
  4. In the same step check the price of the product. Is it in your range or not?
  5. Run the Tools on the main keyword and check the consistency of revenue, sales, avg sales, reviews, reviews rating, search volume, trends, seller type, and product competition. If it’s fine go to the next step.
  6. Do the keyword research and calculate the top 10 keywords’ search volume there is a 90-95% chance it will meet the targeted number if the main keyword search volume is met according to your criteria.


  1. First collects the product ideas and do the analysis which you can do without tools, separate the good KWs and do further analysis of selected KWs through tools it will save your time.
  2. Must watch sir Sunny Ali’s session “How to evaluate and verify the viability of a product for Amazon PL lunch”. From this session, you will know why EC rejects the products and note the points. These points will help you in product hunting.
  3. Getting more knowledge about your product will help a lot in product approval.
  4. When you search your product’s main keyword on amazon and check the irrelevant product, you will also get many good ideas from there.
  5. Also, check the competitor brand store for good ideas.

Following these steps and suggestions, you will save a lot of time and you will hunt for a good product.

Hopefully, this post will help a lot in product hunting. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

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