All About Amazon A+ Content

1. What is Amazon A+ Content?

Amazon A+ content refers to a listing’s product description of brand owners which allows them to tell their product story with enhanced image and video content.

1. High-quality imagery
2. Videos
3. Comparison Charts
4. Additional Product Details & Sales CopyA+ content is a premium content feature, which allows sellers to change the product description of their branded ASINs or Product by using rich texts, videos, and images.

The idea behind using enriched multimedia content is to upgrade the user experience which helps sellers to make high conversions and huge traffic to the listings.

2. What is Premium A+ Content?

Big box brand 1st Party Amazon Sellers, also known as Amazon Vendors, who have been invited to the Premium Program have access to premium features of A+ Content. Also, associations that are members of Amazon Launchpad have access to Premium A+ Content. These features will appear in the from the Manufacturer section on the Amazon product listing.

3. What does Amazon A+ Content Contain?

  • Multiple images of a product, which includes product photo shots in close-ups, different angles, and other real-life use shots.
  • Informative, and yet short introduction of the product.
  • Attractive list of bullet points, where every line makes an influence on the customers and explains the benefits.
  • Concise paragraphs with clear headers, which explains the product features, specifications, and benefits.
  • A segment called “What’s in the box,” lists all the product’s components so that a buyer is aware of what he or she is purchasing.
  • Apart from the above, other elements include a 360° view of the product, a comparison chart, and videos for cross-selling the items within the product family.

4. Who can create A+ content?

While Premium Amazon A+ Content is currently available for invite-only big box Amazon Vendors, standard A+ Content is available to Amazon Vendors and brands who are part of the Amazon Brand Registry. You can add up to 15 ASINs per month for A+ content. One must concentrate on the best-selling ASINs to make the best use of A+ content.

A. How to create Amazon A+ Content?

Follow these steps to create Amazon A+ Content,

1. Log in to your Seller Central Account
2. Make sure you’ve registered your brand before moving ahead
3. Go to Advertising and head to A+ Content Manager
4. Click on Start Creating A+ Content
5. Select Add Modules

There are two modules. If you select Self-Service Module, It will take you to a page where you have to enter the ASIN of your product for which you want to create A+ Content.

Once you’ve chosen the ASIN of your product, Click on Build Layout. Amazon offers 12 types of modules which are classified into 2 groups mentioned below:

1. Standard (have 10 options)
2. Advanced (have 2 options)

If you select Amazon Builds For You, It takes you to a page where you just have to enter and upload your images and text. Now Amazon

1. Enter the project name
2. If you choose the Self-Service module, After Designing and uploading your Content, Click on the preview to see how it looks.
3. Click the Finish button.

B. Advantages of Amazon A+ Content:

If you want to make your Amazon business successful, you have to take your competitive edge.
The primary purpose of A+ Content is to increase conversion and also to increase sales of our product. It also gives you the advantage to convince your customer to purchase your product.
It allows sellers a phenomenal opportunity to recognize their things from related versions of their products sold by their competitors.
These are some advantages of Amazon A+ Content:

1. Amazon Listing optimization:
A+ Content optimizes your product’s listing to escalate sales and make your listing noticeable.

2. Increase reviews:
Listings with A+ Content tend to get more reviews

3. Helps in grabbing customer’s attention:
Amazon’s A+ Content grabs the attention of potential buyers basically because they are more often than not used to checking out product listings that are jumbled up with pieces of paragraphs.

4. Amazon SEO:
In addition to increasing your discoverability in Amazon search, however, the alt text related to the A+ Content pictures further helps the Amazon listing discoverability off Amazon on Google.

5. Helps to increase conversion rate:
Amazon itself expresses that a product listing with A+ Content will often have 10% more deals. With the A+ feature, the substance changes over the better, the product’s branding is excessive, and the customer’s purchasing experience is extraordinarily enhanced.

C. Cost of Amazon A+ Content:

Till now, Amazon A+ Content is totally free for sellers and vendors. However, vendors are charged unduly high prices for Premium A+ content which is an invite-only feature.

D. Guidelines for Amazon A+ Content:

Here are a few things to make a note of when it comes to A+ content creation:
1. Logo image: 600 x 180
2. Image header with text: 970 x 600
3. Standard image dark or light text overlay: 970 x 300
4. Standard 3 images with text: 300 x 300
5. Standard single left image: 300 x 300
6. Standard single right image: 300 x 300
7. Standard single left image: 300 x 300

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