Jazz New Sales Offer

New sales offer

New Sales Offer package Details are below:

  • Subscription Code *191#
  • Validity (Upfront Incentives Offer)7 Days
  • Bonus on Recharge1000 Jazz mins, 1000 SMS, 2 GB Data
  • Validity (Bonus on Recharge)3 Days
  • Status Inquiry for Upfront and BOR*990*2#


Upfront Acquisition offer

  • To avail free incentives and BOR customer must dial *191# within 180 days of new sale and port-in.
  • Free incentives can be availed only once
  • Free upfront incentives will automatically expire after X+6 days after the customer has dialled *191#
  • Data sim and MBB customers are not eligible for this offer

Bonus on Recharge (BOR) offer

  • On dialling *191# customer will automatically be subscribed to BOR offer.
  • On every recharge of Rs. 50 and more, the customer will automatically get 2 GB for X+3 days.
  • In case a customer recharges again their existing incentive/validity will expire and new will apply instead.

Other Offers:

1000 SMS
On every recharge of Rs 100 & above customers will get the full balance without tax deductions. E.g. on Rs. 100 recharge customers will get Rs. 100 balance, currently customers get Rs. 88.89 balance.

Jazz Weekly Mega Plus Offer
4G Weekly Mega Plus Offer details are below:

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