Get 15,000 USD In Free Bitcoin Watching Videos! (Get 1 BTC Per Day)

Hey everyone, today I will be showing you a brand-new strategy for earning bitcoin. That will get you paid all the way up to 15,000 dollars and free bitcoin just by watching videos online. In my news, bitcoin isn’t the only available currency, they have others currencies too. In case you are wondering, this is also completely free and works in 2021. Moreover, the web siting question has a very unique feature which I will discuss later.

With that said if you may know when it comes to generating bitcoin or any sort of cryptocurrency. These websites are very specialized. In other words, you will have one website that will make you money just by watching videos with no other task available. A second one will make you money by completing surveys and so on. The website I am about to show you combine all of these, which is what makes it so good.

The website in question is here Es Faucet.


The first thing which you saw on this website is its about section. Here you will saw the detail about this website. This clearly states that Es Faucet is a multi-crypto faucet in which you decide how often you claim. What this means is that you can connect to this website from time to time and redeem cryptocurrency. They just don’t have bitcoin by the way, if you are not a big fan of bitcoin and you think its prices going down in foreseeing the future. Don’t worry this website has other cryptocurrencies as well.

About ESFaucet

I don’t want that you lose money on the table. I want that you fully understand how it works and takes full advantage of it. Many people give up too early and I don’t want that you will be one of them. Please be patient and pay attention to the details. An important bit of information about this website is that it is also available on Android and IOS. So, we can do work on our phones as well, which is quite great. However, the main reason to connect to this website is to use their miner.

Mobile Apps for IOS and Android to mine bitcoin

You can check in the image below of this website that You can use their Crypto Miner to mine crypto in the background while you do nothing. They utilized an algorithm that will get you the highest hash power, even on low threads, just so you can mine on any device with excellent hash power. This is very important information because this means that you can get the same result on a mobile phone as well. So, not just your PC or laptop. Furthermore, you can continue doing whatever it is that you are doing while this will earn you money passively. This all possible without too much negative impact on the performance of your device.

Miner for bitcoin

As it is mentioned previously, bitcoin is not the only cryptocurrency available on this website. On their homepage, you can see they have much more to offer. I like you guys choose for yourself which one you think has the most potential to go up in the future. Well, we will now get into is what you need to do when you first come on this site, which is signup. You can do it by just clicking on this link (Es Faucet) and you will be redirected to the website signup form. On this page, you can put your basic information. Your username, email address, password, referral Code {b7b79fae6c71b89eb172} and accept their terms and conditions. Complete the Captcha and verify that you are not a bot and click on the register button.

Alright guys, now when you have created an account, you can explore this website step by step. The first screen which appears will be your dashboard. On your dashboard, you will see your XP level, transactions, and the currencies which you acquired on this website. On the left-hand side menu, you can see the My Account option, stats, Earn, Advertise and Withdraw, etc. You click by earn to saw the different options for earning money. They have a miner available, where you can mine by doing other things on your PC or Laptop. You can withdraw your money to any wallet from any of the options available on the website but I will suggest you Coinbase withdraw because it’s free and there is no transaction fee for every withdrawal from the website.


If you don’t have a Coinbase account you can click on this link (Coinbase) by creating one for yourself. Hope you like this article and please tell us on comment if you have any problem regarding Es Faucet and Coinbase. We will definitely solve your problem. Thanks for reading and please allow notification above to get new articles about online earning.


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